About Us


We give our clients answers – not just a list of options.


Because we believe you serve your clients best when you listen to their needs, and then provide a firm view, taking responsibility to deliver the outcome they require. You will not find a Barrister at Resolution Chambers sitting on the fence.

Resolution Chambers was built on the belief of the founding Barristers that a high quality legal adviser reaches a strong conclusion and delivers committed advice.

That takes resolve. That takes strength. Both qualities necessary to achieve resolution of difficult legal problems.  All qualities found in Barristers at Resolution Chambers.

We apply that philosophy across our range of specialised practice areas – namely, Criminal, Family, Youth, Civil, Commerical and ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution).

(HMS Resolution was Captain Cook’s favourite ship. Along with HMS Adventure – both depicted in the painting above – Cook sailed her on his second and third voyages exploring the Pacific. He described her as the fittest for service he had ever seen. A sentiment understood by the founding members of Resolution Chambers)