We believe that you must move swiftly and dynamically to maximise outcomes and deliver the best service. Part of that involves embracing new technology and working with it where appropriate.

A blog is a great way to do that – allowing rapid and digestible updates on key issues, as they arise. From time to time members of Chambers will post blogs across a range of topics, listed in chronological order directly below and filed in the categories appearing on the right of this page. Please email us if you would like to be added to our blog mailing list.

19th January 2015 - Pursuing a greater purpose….

Pursuing a greater purpose….

We are all familiar with the danger of missing the wood for the trees but what about worrying so much about the objective that you miss the greater purpose? That might sound odd, as the words ‘purpose’ and ‘objective’ have a similar meaning. Most dictionaries use one term to help MORE »


4th December 2014 - Fit for business

Fit for business

Sometimes the best way to improve a business is to improve something else altogether. By that I mean that succeeding in business doesn’t just depend on the fitness of your business. Your own fitness can be just as important. The magic to improving your business could be to understand when MORE »


1st October 2014 - The magic business glass….

The magic business glass….

Is the glass half full – or half empty? Well, the glass is neither half full nor half empty. The glass is completely full…. The magic to succeeding in business depends on seeing the full reality. A scientist would put it this way. A scientist would tell us that the MORE »


4th August 2014 - The magic is in the outcome….

The magic is in the outcome….

Have you heard the electric jug metaphor? People buy electric jugs not because they want an electric jug but because they want boiling water. The jug is a means to an end. People are really buying the outcome. Magic works for exactly that reason. All the audience see is the outcome. MORE »


15th July 2014 - Making Magic – in business….

Making Magic – in business….

Business is many things to many people.  In this article I want to address a broad question facing many businesses. In a crowded market where you can’t compete on price, how do you succeed? The answer, whatever your business, lies in magic. More precisely – making magic. This is the MORE »


23rd April 2014 - Discharges without conviction

Discharges without conviction

When you appear in Court on a charge and plead guilty or are found guilty of it at a trial, you normally receive a criminal conviction. The Sentencing Act 2002 provides that the Court can on some occasions discharge you without conviction.  This is provided for in Section 106. Section MORE »


9th April 2014 - Changes In The New Zealand Family Court

Changes In The New Zealand Family Court

The New Zealand Family Court Is Changing Up until now, the New Zealand Family Court has been the ordinary first port of call for many separated parents wishing to resolve disputes about where their children spend their week (day-to-day care/custody) and disputes about guardianship decisions (i.e. Which school a child attends). That has MORE »


24th February 2014 - Sentencing philosophy, purpose and implementation

Sentencing philosophy, purpose and implementation

Sentencing marks the sharp end of the Criminal Justice System. It’s the act of wielding the stick at the conclusion of the process. It’s a controversial act, and rightly so. With no winners, plenty of losers and strong debate on where the loss is left to lie. Over the coming MORE »


18th November 2013 - BIM – Is it legal?

BIM – Is it legal?

In the latest blog of our series looking at Building Information Modelling (BIM), Constructive provides a snap shot of Sarah Rock’s recent article published in Construction Law, ‘BIM – Is it legal?’. BIM is an advancement in technology from traditional 2D and 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD). BIM allows for MORE »